Welcome to my 1st blog post for Serenity Boutique 

This has been on the cards for a while now.  I enjoy writing, my grammar is not the best but that's ok - don't judge or correct me on the you- your - you're (s) because life's too short for that.
What's been happening -  we had Halloween for the wee ones on Saturday, not many turned up but hopefully the more we celebrate it in the town, the better it will become.
I'm back with Francesca for photo shoots.  I wanted some photographs with an average size 12/14 middle aged woman - that would be me.  Instead of using Brand images all the time.  We are going to meet up every month and hopefully my posing improves!

I have buble defrosting as I type this. I'm serious.  Halloween decorations were down before I closed on Saturday and we are Christmas ready.  The Christmas lights switch on is Thursday 18th November so the decorations and Christmas music will start them but until them I wanted to share with you some festive outfits and gift ideas.

There is lots of Necklaces and bracelets in the Kate ThorntonxBibbi range.

And for the walkers ....